The picturesque Blue Pond💦 in Biei, Hokkaido

The picturesque Blue Pond💦 in Biei, Hokkaido
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Magical Biei Blue

Located in the centre of Hokkaido, the Biei-Furano area is a hilly countryside known for its beautiful scenery of crops and vegetable fields. “Aoi Ike”, also known as Blue Pond, is one of the must-see spots in the area because of its unusually vivid blue water. The pond’s magical colour is sometimes referred to as “Biei Blue”, which you can even see on Google Maps!

The stunning side-effect of a man-made pond

The pond was known among photographers, but its popularity became worldwide when Apple featured a photo of the pond as their Mac computer wallpaper in 2012. Another surprising fact is that the pond is man-made, and the stunning shade of blue was created accidentally. The pond was created to help with erosion issues after a nearby mountain erupted in 1988. But no one had predicted the surprising side-effect of this mesmerising water colour.

Why is it so blue?

So why does it appear such a beautiful blue? The answer is thought to be a result of the mix of minerals in the water. Because of the mineral-infused water, it’s said to scatter the sunlight in a way that enhances the blue hue. Different blues – such as cobalt blue and emerald green – can be seen depending on the weather and the summer is the best time to see the most beautiful shades of blue. Step through the Japanese white birch forest and be amazed by a true miracle of nature – the colour of the pond is ever-changing.

Savour the rich nature

After enjoying the spectacular view of the Blue Pond, enjoy a tour of the surrounding area. Feel the richness of nature or eat local delicacies in this region such as Biei wagyu or local wine and sake. In our tours, you will also have a chance to visit other Hokkaido must-see spots such as Lake Toya fireworks or savour Hokkaido’s favourite, “Genghis Khan” (lamb BBQ).

Join us in exploring this natural wonder that the summer Hokkaido has to offer.

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