• Tokyo
  • Hakone
  • Atami
  • Takayama
  • Shirakawa-go
  • Kanazawa
  • Kyoto
  • Nara
  • Miyajima
  • Hiroshima
  • Osaka
  • Tokyo


10 days / 9 nights


Max 20 People


Bullet Train + Limited Express + Local Train + Private Coach + Ferry

PRICE (Per Person)



Embark on a culinary journey across Japan

Japanese cuisine is famed around the world. From a high-end multi-course Kaiseki meal to a raucous izakaya pub beneath the rumbling train tracks, the Japanese obsession with food can be seen everywhere.
This tour puts Japanese cuisine in the spotlight as we travel the popular “Golden Route” to seek out the best dishes each region has to offer. And between meals we’ll show you our favourite sights and attractions.
Not only will you try the food, you’ll also don an apron and learn from the masters to gain an appreciation of the unique relationship and respect Japanese people have towards food.
Share unforgettable moments (and meals) with people you will meet on this culinary journey.

  • Perfect for travellers with a keen interest in Japanese food and culture
  • Fully escorted by our local English-speaking guide
  • Small-group tour (maximum of 20 travellers)
  • Set departure date
  • All meals included
  • Quality hotels throughout
  • All local transportation included
  • Comfortable private coach
  • Luggage transfers
  • Pre-departure information session via Zoom



© Hakone Tourism
DAY 1Tokyo > Hakone > Atami

Tokyo Arrival & Hakone

  • Meals: Lunch, Dinner
  • Stay: Hotel Resorpia Atami (Japanese-Western Room) or similar

Welcome to Japan!

After arriving at Haneda Airport, you’ll be greeted by the Kintetsu representative and meet the rest of your group.
Your tour begins with a trip to Hakone – a beautiful lake-side region known for hot springs that’s just an hour away from Tokyo via private coach.
Board a unique pirate-themed ship and cruise around the stunning Lake Ashi. Keep an eye out for Mt Fuji in the distance!
After a hearty lunch of soba noodles, we’ll move onto Owakudani – an atmospheric volcanic valley.
After a big day, we’ll head to Atami/Odawara via private coach for the night. Relax at the hotel and enjoy your first dinner in Japan – a traditional multi-course Kaiseki meal.

© Takayama City
DAY 2Atami > Takayama

To Takayama, a city nestled in the mountains

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Stay: Hida Hotel Plaza (Standard Twin) or similar

Luggage transfer from Atami Hotel to Kyoto Hotel. Travel light in Takayama and Kanazawa.

After breakfast at the hotel, it’s time to board the iconic Shinkansen (bullet train) bound for Nagoya – the best way to see Japan. With such a silky smooth ride, it’s almost impossible to believe the scenery is flying by at up to 285km per hour! From Nagoya we’ll take the Limited Express “Wide View Hida” to Takayama, a city nestled in the mountains of the Hida region.
Before we start exploring, we’ll enjoy a bowl of Takayama ramen – a ramen with a lighter broth and smaller curly noodles unique to the region.
Fully charged after lunch, we explore Takayama Old Town and Takayama Jinya. Stroll down streets lined with beautifully preserved buildings of the Edo era that allow you to see Japan as it was hundreds of years ago.
For dinner, we’ll try sukiyaki. A bubbling hotpot with vegetables and Hida beef – among the finest quality beef in Japan.

© Shirakawa Village Hall- Gifu Prefecture
DAY 3Takayama > Shirakawa-go > Kanazawa

World Heritage Shirakawa-go village and interesting food scene in Kanazawa

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Stay: Mitsui Garden Hotel Kanazawa (Comfort Twin)

After breakfast, we’ll visit Shirakawa-go, a UNESCO World Heritage site famous for its thatched roof houses. It’s a charming area that looks straight from the pages of a children’s storybook.
We’ll leave the mountains and head via private coach to the city of Kanazawa located right on the Sea of Japan. With some of the freshest seafood in Japan, seafood lovers are in for a treat.
After a tempura lunch, we head to Omicho Market to explore the hundreds of stalls and shops showcasing the finest produce the region has to offer.
Finish the day with a delicious crab dinner – you’ll never have had fresher crab!

© Kanazawa City
DAY 4Kanazawa > Kyoto

Best attractions of Kanazawa

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Stay: Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyoto Station (Moderate Twin)

After breakfast at the hotel we’ll board our private coach to tour the best attractions of Kanazawa.
First up are the narrow streets of the historic Higashi Chaya district – one of Japan’s few remaining geisha districts.
From there we stop at the majestic Kanazawa Castle which dates back to the 1500s. Across from the Castle are the Kenrokuen Gardens – an exquisite landscaped garden that shares a history with the Castle. Tranquil and serene, the gardens feature pine trees that are 200 years old and beautiful water features. The perfect way to end our tour of Kanazawa.
By now it’s time to eat and for our last taste of Kanazawa’s amazing seafood – a delectable sushi lunch.
In the late afternoon we’ll catch the Limited Express “Thunderbird” for Kyoto – the ancient capital of Japan.
After getting settled in the Kyoto hotel, we’ll go out for dinner to finish up the day.

DAY 5Kyoto

Kyoto Highlights and Tofu making experience

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Stay: Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyoto Station (Moderate Twin)

We begin our exploration of Kyoto with the shimmering Kinkakuji – the iconic temple covered in gold leaf.
Next, we’ll meet tofu masters at their shop where they’ll share their secrets on making tofu. Try your hand at making tofu and even get to try our efforts for lunch.
After lunch we’ll take part in a traditional tea ceremony before continuing on to Kiyomizudera Temple. Perched on a mountain, Kiyomizudera’s vast veranda offers a spectacular view of Kyoto.
From there we’ll return to Kyoto central and visit Nishiki Market. This market is crowded with all the local delights – green tea, sweets, locally-made ceramics and anything else you could imagine.
With our appetites worked up from the market, tonight’s dinner will be much welcomed – a teppanyaki feast at a local restaurant.

DAY 6Kyoto > Nara > Kyoto

Nara, southern Kyoto and sake tasting followed by dinner with a maiko

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Stay: Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyoto Station (Moderate Twin)

After breakfast, we board a private coach tour to Nara and southern Kyoto.
Nara Park is vast and home to many sights of great cultural significance. Explore the park and visit Todaiji Temple – an enormous wooden structure that houses the largest bronze statue of Buddha in the world.
Be sure to say hello to the deer that freely roam Nara Park – but be careful – they’re on the lookout for snacks!
For lunch, we’ll stop in at a local Italian restaurant for pizza and pasta.
In the afternoon we’ll visit the Gekkeikan Okura Sake Museum in Kyoto. This centuries-old Kyoto brewery taps into the pure underground spring water of Fushimi – perfect for making sake. Try a sample (or two!) afterwards!
We will also visit Fushimi-Inari Taisha shrine, with its iconic thousands of vermillion torii gates across the narrow pathway to the mountain.
For dinner, spend the evening at an elegant restaurant surrounded by beautifully landscaped Japanese gardens and enjoy a Kaiseki meal. And as a truly rare experience, be entertained over dinner by a maiko – a geisha apprentice – with a performance featuring games and music.

Courtesy of Hiroshima Prefecture
DAY 7Kyoto > Hiroshima

Picturesque Miyajima Island

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Stay: Hotel Granvia Hiroshima (Standard Twin)

Luggage transfer from Kyoto Hotel to Tokyo Hotel. Travel light in Hiroshima and Osaka.
Today we head to Hiroshima on the bullet train – a city that respects its tragic past but is not defined by it.
We’ll first board a ferry for a day-trip to Miyajima – a small island just 10 minutes off the mainland. Miyajima is home to one of the most iconic scenes in Japan – the “floating” tori gate of Itsukushima shrine. Explore the island and see the Five Story Pagoda and Daishoin Temple – and make new friends with the deer that roam the island.
Miyajima is famous for delicious, juicy oysters – which feature on today’s lunch menu!
Take a moment to relax back in the hotel before we take on Hiroshima’s comfort food of choice for dinner – okonomiyaki. Most commonly described as a sizzling savoury pancake – topped with meat or local seafood – it is a must-try.

Courtesy of Hiroshima Prefecture
DAY 8Hiroshima > Osaka

Hiroshima morning and Osaka afternoon

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Stay: Hotel Granvia Osaka (Standard Twin)

This morning we visit the A-Bomb Dome – the epicentre of the 1945 atomic bomb blast. Surrounded by the beautiful Peace Memorial Park dotted with colourful origami cranes symbolising hope, it is incredible to see how the city of Hiroshima has prospered.
Next we farewell Hiroshima and take a bullet train to Osaka – also known as Japan’s Kitchen. Pick up a bento (lunch box) before the trip and watch the scenery glide by as you eat!
After arriving in Osaka we head to Osaka Castle. Situated in a picturesque park, Osaka Castle sits high above and provides a great view over Osaka.
For dinner, we dive into the chaotic night-life of Dotonbori and feast on kushikatsu. Kushikatsu is deep-fried skewered meat and vegetables with a dipping sauce – a true Osaka favourite. Remember, only dip once!

DAY 9Osaka > Tokyo

The mega-city Tokyo!

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Stay: Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo (Standard Twin)

After breakfast we hop on the bullet train and speed toward our final destination – the mega-city of Tokyo!
You’re in charge for lunch as we roll up our sleeves and take part in a sushi-making class. Learn under the experts’ watchful eye. Good luck!
After lunch we’ll spend the afternoon in the Asakusa district. Here you’ll see the area’s unique blend of old Japan and cutting-edge future of Japan.
Stroll down the buzzing Nakamise shopping street while sampling traditional snacks and picking up those last-minute souvenirs before arriving at Sensoji – Tokyo’s most famous temple.
Head skywards to the 634m-high Tokyo Skytree. The never-ending sprawl of Tokyo laid out beneath you is a truly memorable sight.
Tonight we celebrate a great trip with an all-you-can-eat izakaya dinner. Eat, drink and plan your next trip to Japan!

DAY 10Tokyo > Tokyo

Tokyo – See you again!

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

On our final day in Japan we’ll witness the intensity of sumo. Watch two former professional sumo wrestlers go to toe-to-toe in a sumo demonstration or witness the intensity of sumo training in a sumo stable. At the sumo demonstration, if you’re feeling bold, perhaps you can face off against them too!
After conquering the sumo wrestlers, we head to Tsukuji Outer Market. The former site of Tokyo’s iconic seafood market, Tsukuji remains an important source for fresh seafood and produce and is a favourite among restauranteurs.
As we head to lunch we drive through the Olympic Games precincts. Pick up the tongs and enjoy our final feast in Japan – yakinuku – Japanese BBQ!
And as the sun sets, our tour comes to an end and we return to the hotel. If you are flying home tonight, board your private transfer back to Haneda Airport.
We hope to see you again in Japan – sayonara!


© Hotel Resorpia Atami

Hotel Resorpia Atami

Japanese-Western Room

Overlooking the Sagami Sea, your room offers all the comforts you need. Enjoy the public hot spring bath and wind down after the first day of the tour. Free Wi-Fi is available in the lobby.

© Hida Hotel Plaza

Hida Hotel Plaza

Standard Twin

Located in the center of Takayama, this hotel’s key feature is the gorgeous rooftop spa with mountain views. Free Wi-Fi available.

© Mitsui Garden Hotel Kanazawa

Mitsui Garden Hotel Kanazawa

Comfort Twin

Minutes away from Omicho Market, this hotel ensures a supremely comfortable stay. Relax in the roof-top bathhouse while enjoying a view of
the Kanazawa Castle Park. Free Wi-Fi available.

© Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyoto Station

Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyoto Station

Moderate Twin

This stylish hotel is minutes away from Kyoto Station, making our train connections simple and easy. Relax in a beautifully appointed room with a Japanese touch. Free Wi-Fi available.

© Hotel Granvia Hiroshima

Hotel Granvia Hiroshima

Standard Twin

This Michelin 3-star rated hotel is directly connected to JR Hiroshima Station for your convenience as we travel in and out of Hiroshima. Why not try a massage after a long day exploring Hiroshima? Free Wi-Fi available.

© Hotel Granvia Osaka

Hotel Granvia Osaka

Standard Twin

A centrally located hotel right above Osaka’s busiest transport hub – Osaka Station. Comfortable rooms with many dining options to choose from. Free Wi-Fi available.

© Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo

Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo

Standard Twin

A high-rise hotel located in the heart of Shinjuku’s skyscraper district. Enjoy views of the Tokyo skyline in your elegant room that allows you to enjoy your final city in Japan stress-free. Free Wi-Fi available.


  • 9 nights accommodation
  • Meals: 10 x Breakfast, 10 x Lunch, 9 x Dinner
  • English-speaking guide thoughout the tour
  • Transportation: Charter motor coach*, bullet train, limited express train, local train, and ferry tickets

    *Please note: For groups with 8 travellers, we will use a private mini-bus.

  • Admission fees to museums, temples and other attractions detailed in the itinerary
  • Tofu & sushi cooking experiences, sake tasting, tea ceremony & sumo demonstration experience
  • Luggage transfer from Atami to Kyoto, and Kyoto to Tokyo
  • Late check-out fee is included on Day 10.


  • Flights
  • Transfers outside the tour itinerary
  • Hotel early check-in/late check-out fees (Exception: Late check-out fee is included on Day 10)
  • Hotel incidental charges
  • Drinks during meals (Exception: Soft drinks and alcoholic beverage are included on the Day 6 dinner and Day 9 dinner)
  • Entrance fees to museums, temples and other attractions or places of personal interests not detailed in the itinerary
  • Personal expenses such as telephone, laundry, shopping
  • Travel Insurance
  • Visa not included if required (note: Visa to enter Japan is not required for Australian citizens for trips less than 90 days)

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Group size: Min 8 people / Max 20 people
*Please contact us for our solo traveller rates and triple-share rates.
*This tour is for travellers aged 15 years old and up.

Important Information

  • Please kindly note that, due to COVID-19, the schedule is subject to change.
  • There will be a moderate amount of walking during the tour.
  • Travel restrictions are constantly changing. Please check the latest travel advice before you book and before you travel.

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